Back at it again!

2017-04-11 18:32:40 by SpareMatt

Hosting a reanimate with my friends AtomicAstro, You know, Lucas, Animason, and SynthSoda. Read it up here: 


2017-01-08 18:45:26 by SpareMatt

Well that collab was the biggest waste of fucking time, here's some info on it



A few months back SynthSoda and AtomicAstro were joking about eddsworld (wow) they came up with a hypothetical collab called the eddsworld follies collab. Well that hypothetical came true I was sent an invite to this server and was giving guidelines for an entry:

"-If you can not or do not want to make a full entry you can make a short little bumper, think of it a little like AdultSwim in a way

- Please note that if you make a bumper there are a limited amount, this collab does not need too many damn bumpers

- Make your entry at least 30 seconds long, though I’d prefer longer that is the bare minimum. There is no real maximum length just don’t have it drag on too long.

- You can have multiple entries if you wish.

- Whatever you do, don’t hold back!!!

- Try to stay relatively on topic

- I’d prefer for it to be an animation (shitposting or not) but if you want it to be something else you can ask"

I thought "hey fuck it I'm not that busy I'll make an entry" well what I was start working my ass off with atomicastro, we basically set up the collab, converted the movies made the videos look somewhat good and fucking say what entries are good enough (which ended up just putting every single entry into it). Originally it was gonna be a group of friends (Me, AtomicAstro, Mohatoons, You Know, Lucas, SynthSoda, NabbibbleJr, and Coopdoop), but we started inviting more kids and more people. We thought "oh fuck it, more people we can have a big ass collab it'll be fun!"  WRONG AGAIN  so many people came and left it was a debacle trying to set up the entries. I ended up trying to leave cos I'm a fucking pussy bitch, but atomicastro explained to me that if I were to leave in the middle of this collab it would make the entire collab harder on him (who at the time was trying to finish a cartoon unrelated to the collab), so i sucked it up and went full commando, I turned into Gordan Ramsey (basically a huge fucking bossy cunt), I was making sure every got their entries done and turned them in and work on the discord server. I even ended up doing the editing!

So we almost were about to hit deadline (December 23rd), and then people kept mentioning how they couldn't hit their deadline cos they were busy, so we pushed the deadline (December 27th) further then people started saying they couldn't THAT deadline, so we just said "Fuck it" (we had to do that a lot during the production of this collab lmao) and just kicked that bucket. We just waited and waited for the entries to be finished, then it was January 7th. We had all the entries and we were close, I got a little angry and frustrated cos of the bullshit that was this collab. I was supposed to upload the collab and do final touch ups but I just sent it to Nabibble and made sure he did it. Then the collab came out Today (January 8th, 2017). 


We swore to ourselves to never do this type of thing again, we plan on doing real things and actual good content. Some may say that our reputations are ruined from this retarded collab but I say no. I don't think anyone's reputation isn't gonna be ruined, I think our reputations are gonna be just fine. This wasn't the best thing to do, this also wasn't the nicest thing to do, but it's in the past now and except nothing but good shit from us from now on. 


I edited this collab together and made it look less shitty than it could've been, jk i made it shittier fuck here it is:

Ok so me and @EasilyAce are making demo reels rn except that in the furthest of futures. Also I am working on a collab with a person, except that way later than it could be. ok bye?


2016-07-10 14:55:48 by SpareMatt

New account lol.